Email Continuity

What is Email Continuity?

Email is a very important component in today business communication, almost all businesses use email for their daily communication as it has proven to be the most fastest and convenient method to reach your customers or suppliers. If email services fail, your business will likely experience business loss.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solution are designed to return all email functionality as soon as a disruption occurred. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity are designed to keep your email alive close to 100%. These solutions can help the business daily operation run smoothly.

We are proud to introduce three new solutions for our client to overcome all these problems with Email Archive Solution, Email Continuity Solution and Backup MX and Recovery Solutions. These solutions will help you to have a peace of mind so that you can focus on your core business.

Continuous access to your email during your server outages

Starting From

RM 400

Per year

    • Mailbox 10
    • Storage Unlimited
    Starting From
    RM 600

    Per year

      • Mailbox 50
      • Storage Unlimited
      Starting From
      RM 1,200

      Per year

        • Mailbox 100
        • Storage Unlimited

        Steps & Features
        • If the email server is available, emails will be delivered as normal.
        • The Gateway will also copy the received emails from client into the Continuity Mail Server.
        • If virus is detected, email will automatically drop into the trash can.
        • In the event that the Mail Server is not available, respective users can access the email through Continuity Mail Server.
        • The users will still be able to send/receive and forward any emails normally through the web mail.
        • Users can continue to use this until the Mail Server problem is solved and switch back to use the Mail Server.
        • It allows the users to access to the last 14 days of incoming emails.
        • This plan can only be access through the web mail.

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